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Madrid, October 23rd 2018 UNITEC, an international Group specialized in designing and producing technologies for the processing and quality selection of fruit and vegetables, will be present again at the Fruit Attraction event (Madrid, October 23rd-25th).

The main character at UNITEC stand will be Blueberry Vision 2, the technology running for the “ACCELERA Awards for Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, under the following category: “F&V Industry Award”.

This technology has recently brought major results particularly in Spain, especially to a Fruit and Vegetable Packing House which has chosen it to sort their blueberries.

We are speaking of the Andalusian Cooperative Costa de Huelva, an Organization of Growers which originated in Lucena del Puerto, in the province of Huelva, a very well-known Andalusian area in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Coophuelva is part of Onuba Fruit group, a leader in Europe for the growing and export of little fruit. They have relied on UNITEC, by buying a 32-lane installation — 2 sorters made of 16 lanes each — equipped with Blueberry Vision 2 technology, and this has made it become a Packing House with one of the biggest installation in the world for the processing and quality selection of blueberries. It is able to process around 3.000.000 fruits per hour (this is an average number that may vary according to fruit size).

Why have we decided to buy a UNITEC line? Because, after having visited and seen all the existing ones in the market, this is the one which has offered us more reliability. […]
You can bet on technologies with these features, they are 100% reliable!

By saying these words – “a 100% guarantee” -, President of the Andalusian Cooperative Costa De Huelva Cristóbal J. Picón Regidor clarified the reason why he has chosen UNITEC Blueberry Vision 2 technology among all existing technologies in the market for the processing and quality selection of his blueberries.

UNITEC Blueberry Vision 2 technology has literally revolutionized the way Coophuelva used to process their blueberries.

Each blueberry on the line is actually scanned and examined as a whole, both internally and externally, sorting its quality in an extremely reliable way and according to several parameters: internal quality, external quality, shape defects, degree of softness, size and color.

And all this — thanks to its high level of automation — cutting labor costs considerably and reducing any complaints deriving from possible human errors in the sorting, thus resulting in a great increase in efficiency of the fruit processes.

Including Coophuelva Head of Maintenance José Rodriguez showed sincere gratitude towards Blueberry Vision 2 technology and actual satisfaction for the results obtained:

The advantage UNITEC lines offer us is that they enable us to sell blueberries of extremely high quality. While before one defected blueberry could not be detected, now, with UNITEC technology, all the packed blueberries are of good quality! […] The final result we get with Blueberry Vision is a guaranteed success!

Thanks to the great reliability and precision of Blueberry Vision 2, which sorts blueberries guaranteeing fruit consistency within each pack and quality consistency at each supply, the Cooperative’s Brand Reputation has improved as well as the Cooperative credibility in the eyes of Consumers.

Coophuelva Director Bartolomé Fernández has insisted on the end result achieved thanks to this technology, which enabled to enter new business opportunities and markets, which were previously difficult to reach:

Since we bought UNITEC technologies for optical sorting of blueberries, the advantages have been immediate. All customers are asking for products which have been processed by this line because it is a guarantee of total quality. And this has led us to have more opportunities in business for the future.

The results achieved by Coophuelva thanks to Blueberry Vision 2 technology have been obtained also by several Fruit and Vegetable Packing Houses, not only in Spain, but also in many other parts of the World, especially in such Countries where blueberries are main characters of their growing activity, above all Chile, but also United States and South Africa.

Similar results – namely cost reduction, increase of production efficiency, credibility and reputation in the eyes of Consumer, the achievement of an important competitive advantage and, finally, the opportunity of entering new markets — have been achieved by many of the Packing Houses which have chosen UNITEC technologies for the processing and the quality sorting of other varieties of fruit. Cherry Vision 3.0 for cherries, Unical 8.0 with the Apples Sort 3 system for apples, Peach Vision 3 for peaches, Plum Vision 3 for plums, etc.

As we have experienced with our partnership with Tany Nature, leader company in Europe for summer fruit. After 15 years of continuous collaboration with UNITEC Group, the production department of this Fruit and Vegetable Packing House has improved considerably, with a view of constantly integrating existing technologies with more and more efficient innovation.

Since 2003, new vision systems, among all Peach Vision 3 and Plum Vision 3, have been added to Unical 300 first and then Unical 600, technologies dedicated to the fruit sorting, thus improving the quality of the final offer and leading to considerable cost savings.

This is how Tany Nature Operation Manager Atanasio Naranjo Mejías commented on his 15-year partnership with UNITEC group:

The greatest advantage of this grand project implemented with the UNITEC Group for plums, nectarines, peaches, apricots and flat apples was the implementation of the vision technologies Peach Vision 3 and Plum Vision 3. Due to this, today we’re able to recognise all the defects, external and internal, that large-scale retail asks of us. This way, we’re more efficient and we have a higher quality and more uniform product.

Thanks to the constant drive towards innovation and a Team who is at full disposal to support each Customer in all stages of their business project, UNITEC Group is on the Fruit and Vegetable Packing Houses side every day with the aim of achieving guaranteed Consistent Quality at each supply overtime.

Sharing Customer’s objectives completely and aiming at continuous improvement, UNITEC Group will be present again at the Fruit Attraction Event.

For more information on UNITEC technologies: https://en.unitec-group.com/



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