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At Fruit Logistica 2020, UNITEC Group will have the opportunity to take stock of the Results that in the past year its technologies have guaranteed to packing houses all over the world.


12 months of work, 12 months of Results”: this is how we could sum up the past year of UNITEC, an International Group specialized in highly innovative technologies for handling and selecting quality of fresh fruit and vegetables. UNITEC will participate at FRUIT LOGISTICA, which will take place in Berlin from February 5 to 7, 2020 and will display many of the technologies that are generating important Results for several packing houses all over the world.


The participation of the Group in this 2020 edition of Fruit Logistica is precisely dedicated to these Results, which were achieved thanks to the work and continuous innovation of UNITEC Group.

UNITEC Results are its Customers Results. — stated President Angelo Benedetti during the celebration of UNITEC 95 years, in September 2019 – We the people of UNITEC, and our Customers are on the same side. We are part of the same team. If we win, all of us win!”

During its ninety-fifth birthday — the first sorting lines were built in 1924 — UNITEC took the chance to relive the goals achieved during almost a century of history. While Fruit Logistica 2020 will be an opportunity to do a summary of the Results achieved during the past year.


The show will also allow seeing “live” some of UNITEC and Unisorting technologies for external and internal quality selection of the fruit, since they will be displayed at the booth.

  • Cherry Vision 3.0, thanks to its high-resolution cameras is able to have a complete vision of each cherry, even in its more hidden parts, and to select its quality with unprecedented reliability and according to multiple parameters;
  • Blueberry Vision 3, the last frontier in the field of blueberry quality selection, which is able to inspect 100% of the fruit, combining maximum productivity and gentleness;
  • Plum Vision 3, is able to detect plums features with extreme precision, creating a product with Consistent Quality over time;
  • Kiwi Vision 3, the technology that can select the quality of all types of kiwifruits, with green or yellow flesh, which is characterized by extreme gentleness and allows preserving all valuable features of the fruit;
  • UNIQ Cherry, UNIQ Plum, UNIQ Kiwi and UNIQ Apples, the innovative UNITEC and Unisorting systems for internal qualities selection of cherries, plums, kiwifruits and apples. These systems are equipped with high-resolution cameras, allowing to reveal every organoleptic secret of these fruits with unprecedented reliability and precision;
  • Pears Sort 3, thanks to its ability to scan the pear 360 degrees, the technology is able to select this fruit with extreme reliability and to create classes of pears with great qualitative homogeneity within each supply and between one supply and another;
  • Apples Sort 3, the system that allows the division of apples according to preservation and distribution requirements in the respective target markets;
  • Dates Sort 3, which is able to inspect 100% of each date surface to guarantee maximum reliability and precision in selecting this fruit.

These technologies, result of a continuous Research and Development work carried out within the company, are the real protagonists of the Group’s participation in the Fair.

These are Technologies that UNITEC Group has been innovating, and continues to innovate relentlessly, with the goal of helping its Customers reducing labor costs, valorizing their product as only UNITEC technologies can do, achieving Consistent Quality over time, which is the only real guarantee for Customer loyalty.

«At Fruit Logistica 2020 — declared Angelo Benedetti, President of UNITEC Group – we will be full of the same passion and confidence we have always had. Confidence in technology, in innovation, in the fact that only by working every day without holding back, by giving our best and aiming at excellence, we can guarantee real development Results to packing houses all over the world».

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