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Packing Houses using UNITEC many patented solutions, thanks to them, select a number of fruits every year that is difficult even to imagine. As a matter of fact, they are three hundred and fifty billion, which — just to give you an idea — corresponds to over 40 fruits for each inhabitant of the Earth. Who would have thought that, in less than 100 years of history, UNITEC would have been able to implement over 6,500 sorting lines and allow its Customers to reach sales point and consumers in every corner of our planet?

This has been possible because at UNITEC we are truly connected to the fruit and vegetable sector. It is thanks to our connection that we have developed many patented sorting solutions to provide specific answers to market needs. This is done according to precise and consistent quality standards required by our Customers. Thanks to our solutions, the fruit is processed in a non-invasive way and without creating any mechanical damage to the product, thus safeguarding its organoleptic characteristics.

UNITEC solutions, designed to give answers to the processing of about 50 different types of fruit, are made internally and, therefore, are 100% Made in Italy: from defining the project to manufacturing mechanical, electrical and electronic components, to automation and traceability systems. In UNITEC, thanks to the dialogue with our Customers, we think, design and implement innovative solutions that give them the opportunity to achieve real results that last over time.


But new and growing market demands impose continuous progress in sorting fruits and vegetables that must be customized species by species according to different needs and requirements. As a matter of fact, UNITEC solutions are studied starting from the characteristics of each type of fruit and declined according to market needs. Therefore, they offer a real opportunity to increase the success of each business in a personalized way.

UNITEC innovates relentlessly to continue to give answers to its Customers, with constant updates and upgrades and to continue to develop increasingly high-performance solutions for selecting fruit external and internal quality, with Vision and UNIQ range systems dedicated to specific fruit.


In particular, during this last period, in UNITEC we have been working on Hazelnut and Walnut Vision systems, for selecting hazelnuts and walnuts external quality, and on solutions for selecting avocados external and internal quality, with Avocado Vision and UNIQ Avocado.

The high level of accuracy and automation of Hazelnut Vision can go as far as to eliminate the use of manual selection. UNITEC has developed a patented solution that is guaranteeing considerable benefits in sorting and selecting hazelnuts quality — in shell or shelled, raw or roasted — whether they are offered to the consumer as a whole fruit, in pieces or paired with other dried fruit or used in the confectionery industry.

With Avocado Vision and UNIQ Avocado vision solutions, UNITEC has created an effective response to the need to select the external and internal quality of the precious Hass Avocado, by detecting both any external and internal defects and the level of ripeness of the fruit, while always fully safeguarding the integrity of the product.

UNITEC sorting systems allow users to offer to the final consumer avocados in line with the right degree of ripeness, consistently over time. Moreover, Avocado Vision and UNIQ Avocado selection systems associated to UNICAL 10.0 sorter, can combine reliability in selecting ripeness and quality with maximum efficiency in the process.


Moreover with UNITEC we are at the side of our Customers, even beyond the selection in the supply chain process. As a matter of fact, after selecting fruit according to consistent quality standards, which allow packing houses to offer the market products of a quality consistent with consumer and market demands, we also intervene downstream, in packing and palletizing stages, before shipment.

In this regard, faced with the increase in costs and, above all, with the difficulties in finding manpower, UNITEC has created UNI Robotics division. This division intervenes in designing management solutions for all those activities that are usually carried out manually, upstream and downstream of the selection process. This way they can be carried out in line with anthropomorphic technological solutions. A real example of this is punnet boxing, where the robot performs the work normally done by humans more quickly and can manage shifts that would require the use of several teams, thus being able to operate 24/7. In addition, the automated work eliminates activities that are alienating and wearing for the personnel, and drastically reduces room for error.

Finally, at UNITEC, we help to reduce waste by ensuring a sustainable future for each fruit with the many patented solutions for the fruit and vegetable supply chain that can improve producers and distributors work. With over 6,500 sorting lines installed around the world, UNITEC does not only allow users to select over 350 billion fruits every year but can direct to a life different from fresh consumption over 45 billion fruits in 5 continents — just to give an idea — more or less 1 million tons corresponding to a quantity equal to the food waste produced in Italy in a year, according to the source Waste Watcher International Observatory.

This way we avoid packing together fruit with very different characteristics in terms of shelf life and taste profile that, for this reason, would not only not satisfy consumers but would even risk not being consumed. This would produce waste at the end of the chain that is avoided thanks to UNITEC solutions, with a real benefit for our entire planet.

UNITEC, We work for a better world.

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